APS offer a lot of variety IT services such as technology outsourcing and exploitation business to meet the needs of customers.

Introduce Four of Core Business Herein.

Main Services

Application Development

The department of developing applications basing on Linux, Windows and Android operating systems.

The department has provided a series of services which adapt to various environments such as Linux, Windows and Android, so that the department of applications development can run its applications on them. The programming languages are C++、C#、PHP and Java etc.

Server Network Assembly

The department of setting up servers and network backbone systems.

Server and network construction work is a technology independent of the type of system.
In recent years, since the advancement of virtualization technology, the numbers for server construction and equipment addition to cloud platform is increasing. As IaaS, SaaS, PaaS etc., we provide flexible service according to customer's needs.

Kitting for information and communication equipment

Server Racking

A business of assembling a large rack server used in data center. Accompany with the increasing demand for large servers rack in cloud services, cooperating with data center service providers (Asian companies) to provide servers, storage, network switches, integrated rack systems, etc. for the world's leading hyper-scale data center. In order to deal with, we dispatch members who are fluent in spoken mandarin to work with Asian companies.

Kitting for information and communication equipment

It is a task of doing kitting according to the procedure manual of various communication equipment.
We provide high-quality service by cleaning equipment that is recycled(refurbishing) , assembling communication equipment, and verifying according to work content.

Network Maintenance

The department of processing cause investigation and restoration work when a network failure occurs.

At current society, the network has become an important foundation of infrastructure. Once the network outage, it will have a tremendous impact on daily business. In order to control the impact to a minimum, by means such as listening to customers' past incidents, analyzing data, and breadth of on-site experience to resume operating as normal.

Main Cases