About APS

Message from Chairman

Offer IT Services to Match Your Needs Widely.

Our headquarter has been established in January, 2005, providing IT services in a wide-range fields. We have got the highly praised on our services from customers .

In recent years, the widespread usage of mobile devices has helped the growth of technology and application development. We have provided a wide-range of services such as Web development,cross-platform software system setting, even though extending to the telecommunications industry, and so on.

Our strength is that a high degree of flexibility because of the few elite and mutually understanding between colleagues. Also they can communicate with the executives in company without any barriers, regardless of new ideas or any creative ideas. With an increasing number of employees from Asian countries, we have been prepared to step into the international market.

We have offered various kinds of services at the head office in Tokyo, such as application development, social infrastructure projects(server, network construction), including electricity, finance and communication, and maintenance.

We established Osaka Sales Office in 2015 and Sapporo Office in 2016, undertaking video surveillance systems and medical control of machine systems, and so on to meet any needs from customers and to establish a long-term trust relationship and mutual growth with customers.

Chairman Mikita Goto