About APS

Corporate Events

Employees who usually work at customer sites, hold a corporate event to meet all of them once a year. In an easy-going atmosphere, the seniors and juniors are sharing their business experience to each other. All of them are filled with progressive energy through it.

Employee Association

A general meeting is held to communicate with all employees once or twice a year. From new recruits to officers, we will make same awareness about the company's business, institution and prospect. In the project reports of each department, all employees present their various ideas and opinions which they have less opportunity to contact with and new recruits also participated in the presentation agrgessively. It is favorable to have a deep understanding of each other and make a good effect on work.

Welfare Committee「Yanagi Mori」

"Yanagimori" is an organization aimed at deepening friendship among employees.
Every year, organizer has the responsity to plan events.
In 2017, we rented a houseboat and cruised Tokyo Bay. Participants also enjoyed a beautiful night view and delicacies, which was a great satisfying night.

At BBQ, invite our family members and partner companies to participate in, to have a lot of nice communication. The bingo competition of the sub event also create an enthusiastic response.